Happy Alliance

We are creating a mutually beneficial spiral.

The 21st century has already changed our lives with the Internet and internationalization. As the century progresses, every business will have to skillfully navigate these two tidal waves of change. It will be especially difficult for middle-sized and small businesses, and for owner-operated businesses.

Happy Alliance was created to bring together the power of the Internet and qualified international human resources in support of such business people.


Omi merchants have long been considered a major merchant group in Japan. The famous philosophy of the Omi merchant is “sanpo-yoshi” which means “good for the seller, good for the buyer, good for the world.” The seller should not do business only for himself; the buyer should be completely satisfied; and the transaction should contribute to the development and welfare of the community. The spirit of Happy Alliance has something in common with the philosophy of Omi merchants.

We aim to further develop this mutually beneficial spiral throughout Japan.

Happy Alliance Representative: Masanori Tanaka