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If you’d like a night out or just an evening stroll in the Nakayasu Ryokan neighborhood, this is for you! You’re only a short walk from the Higashiyama and Kazue Chaya Geisha Districts!

Go left out the front gate of the Ryokan and turn left at the next corner. You’ll see the Izakaya Musashi across the street on your right. Here’s the website:

Next up, the Higashiyama Geisha District, only a 10-minute walk. Continue along the same street, with Izakaya Musashi on your right. Turn right at the corner, walk about 3 minutes, then turn left at the intersection. From there, you can see the bridge called Asanogawa-Ohashi. The Kazue Chaya District will be on your left as you walk, but for now, keep walking straight to Higashiyama. You can visit the Kazue District on the way back.

When you cross the bridge, the Higashiyama area will be on the right. Take the second street to your right (not the first one beside the river) and that will turn into the main street of the District. The Bistro Ryomon is located further down, on a narrow street just to the left of the main street. Here’s the website.

Take your time in this historic area. Many restaurants and bars are located here and there. After Higashiyama, be sure to stop in the Kazue District on the way back. The Kazue area is on your right after crossing back over the bridge. The second narrow street (not the first one beside the river) will take you to the Bar Hitoha. It’ll be on your left. Hitoha has a website, too.

All in all, one of the best evening walks in Kanazawa!