A short walk from the station takes you to one of the Honganji temples of the Jodo Shinshu sect. It’s quiet all around; you can’t hear any of the hustle and bustle of the tourist places.  When I have time, I like to walk through this area. I also like the cafe.


It’s late afternoon in Higashijaya. The photos on the right show “Kazoe-machi.” Swallows are flying everywhere. I can see their nests under the eaves. The area around the Asanokawa River (photo) is full of wild birds. Stopping by the riverbank now and then are “tombi” (in English, kites), ducks, herons, and a lot of little birds I don’t know the names of. An hour passes quickly when I stop to watch the birds. Then I continue on my way. A new shop just opened, and that was fun, too.