Special Edition – Michelin Guide for Toyama and Ishikawa (Kanazawa) 2016


The latest Michelin Guide for Toyama and Ishikawa is causing quite a stir among the proprietors of the area’s restaurants and bars. Those earning Michelin stars are happily walking around Kanazawa, relishing the shouts of “congratulations” offered by acquaintances passing by. Michelin stars are a double joy in the hospitality business because they affect not only sales but reputations as well. Even Kanazawa’s gourmet blogger, Asuka Rin, writes that Michelin honors will result in a positive knock-on effect for all of Kanazawa. But I wonder…


What about the bistro so popular before but left off the list this time? What about that superb sushi bar surprisingly awarded only one star this time?


On the other hand, it may work to everyone’s advantage: a little more difficult to make reservations at the newly famous restaurant nearby, but my favorite sushi bar will now have fewer empty seats. Nothing wrong with that.


Still, I’ll focus on the chef and the meal without thinking of the Michelin stars.