After a meal and drinks with friends in Shinjuku, I usually don’t stay for the traditional noodles at the end of the meal. I like to save room for the ultimate curry kishimen served at Futaba Kishimen in Golden Gai. I don’t think many people know there’s a full-service udon shop in Golden Gai. Futaba is a late night bar and restaurant for those working in Kabukicho.

I like to have my curry kishimen order brought downstairs to the Futaba Bar. This kind of Showa era practice is gradually dying out.

Golden Gai goes back to pre-war Japan, and the ownership of the land, buildings, and shops is so convoluted and complicated that the major developers won’t touch it. That means the sights and atmosphere of the Showa era are still there, unchanged. Even now, we can enjoy the good old days of Showa Tokyo. Immerse yourself in nostalgia — head on over to the Futaba Bar and order a curry kishimen from the Futaba Kishimen restaurant on the second floor.



住所 : 新宿区歌舞伎町1-1-9 1F
電話 : 03-3200-0279
営業時間 午後8:00~翌午前1:00
定休日 : 日曜日・祭日(8月は土曜日)
席数 : 12席
予算 : 2,000円~
チャージ : 2,000円(ボトル)
ボトルキープ可 (角瓶6500円、焼酎4500円)
その他 : スコッチ、バーボンあり (700円~)
おつまみ : 500円~