The restaurant called Tsuboya Tsubotei is operated by the long-established Kanazawa business called Tsukuda no Tsukudani. Surprisingly, it’s not very well known even among local Kanazawans. It must be because they don’t serve dinner. The restaurant is open only for lunch. Tsubotei also has a shop where you can buy not only items made by Tsukuda no Tsukudani, but also products from all over the country.

I think the principles, the philosophy, and the commitment to food at Tsukuda no Tsukudani are really wonderful, and that spirit is reflected in the lunch menu at Tsubotei. Is it really all right for me to have such delicious food served in such a splendid way at such a reasonable price?

Herring Soba Lunch (1080 yen)

The last time I was here I had the chicken and egg rice bowl (800 yen plus tax), so this time I tried the herring soba lunch. This restaurant doesn’t use any artificial seasonings, and the food tastes rich and nutritious. Maybe it’s because of the strict operating principles, but I don’t sense that this is even a place of business. And I think that’s wonderful in an of itself. I mean, if a business can make you feel that it isn’t really operating as a business, that’s pretty amazing, wouldn’t you say?


〒920-0910 金沢市尾張町2丁目16番4号
TEL 076(223)0551(代) /FAX 076(231)2017
定休日 毎週木曜日、第2水曜日、第4水曜日
営業時間 AM 10:00~PM 4:00
(壷亭はAM 11:00~ PM 2:30まで(※ ラストオーダーPM2:30まで))