Sometimes I get the munchies late at night, or maybe I want a late night bite after going out for a drink. The Higashiyama and Kazue-machi neighborhoods are popular late night spots in Kanazawa, but if you want to eat something light, there aren’t that many places to choose from.

That’s when the locals go to Bistro Ryomon for the pasta. Ryomon is for night owls, good drinks, and even better conversation. And thanks for the great pasta, excellent atmosphere, and no cover charge.

Ryomon’s pasta menu has all the classics, but what’s extra nice is the customer can also order up an original pasta concoction. I always ask for a meat sauce spaghetti that’s not on the menu. I can watch Chef Ryomon cut off the strips of high-quality beef that give the dish its full flavor.

As I finish my pasta, the next day is arriving, so I have one last nightcap before heading home.

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1-23-6 Higashiyama Kanazawa-city