No one researches food preparation better than the master chef at Izakaya Musashi. When his son was accepted at a university in Tokyo last year, he started going to the big city once a month or so. For family reasons, of course, but also to check out the famous restaurants. Just the other day he was in the Morishita area of Tokyo checking out the lunch menu at a restaurant that specializes in boiled organ meats. He recommended that I try the new concoction he cooked up based on his latest research.

His boiled offal creation was not quite ready for top billing at a new specialty shop, but I’m sure he’ll get to the heart of the matter soon. Let’s just say, the “zosui” (rice soup) was as healthy and delicious as always.

The master’s challenging spirit is an inspiration, and the kitchen isn’t the only place where we can learn from him. After dinner I asked about whiskey and got a recommendation I hadn’t heard of before – Fighting Cock Bourbon – a typical Izakaya Musashi surprise.