The PyeongChang Winter Olympics 2018 gave us a chance to think about the possibility of a peaceful unification of North and South Korea. It also showed the contribution of sports to international peace and communication.

Within Japan, sports contributes to better communication and regional revitalization. Ishikawa prefecture has many sports teams: the “Ishikawa Million Stars,” a pro baseball team; the “Zweigen Kanazawa,” a pro soccer team; and the “Kanazawa Samuraiz,” a pro basketball team. All three draw their support from the Ishikawa area.

In amateir sports, there’s the “Vincedor Hakusan” in futsal; the “PFU Blue Cats” in volleyball; and the “Hokkoku Bank Honey Bee,” a national power in women’s handball.

These teams live and play right here in our part of Japan, so we fans can stay in touch with the team and players. We can all learn a great deal from some of Japan’s leading athletes!

Courtesy of “Hakusyann’s Bean”