French fries were actually first created in Belgium. “Frites” (fries) are served with almost everything, and every neighborhood has several “friteries.” But if they were first cooked up in Belgium, why do we say “French” fries? The usual story is that when Americans got their first batch of fries, they thought the cook was French, so they said “French” fries.

A long time ago, when I was visiting Belgium, a local friend bought fries at a street corner “friterie,” and I remember eating them as we walked down the street. Fries are extremely popular in Belgium, you might call them the national dish. I distinctly remember last year asking another young Belgian. a volunteer at the International Art Festival held in Suzu City (Ishikawa prefecture), what food he would eat first when he got back home. Of course, frites! If you ask Japanese people overseas that question, you’d probably get answers like soba, udon, or ochazuke.

Just French fries maybe, but really good French fries!

Bistro Ryomon painstakingly makes its fries in an authentic European style, so even your Belgian guests will surely be satisfied.

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