Snow crab season is here. Every year in Hokuriku, crab season opens on November 6, and the next day it goes on sale. No matter the day of the week, I always reserve November 7 for the snow crab. This year the market’s first sales were supposed to be on Wednesday, but that’s the regular day off. So, the market took a special holiday on the 6th and reopened on the 7th, just in time.

Watching older people expertly digging in to a big plate of crab makes me smile. The skillful use of fingertips and the hand-eye coordination surely help to keep the mind alert. Some have extensive knowledge about the different kinds of crabs, carefully distinguishing even those that look the same to me. Also, some can evaluate and comment on slight changes in taste due to differences in amount of salt or boiling time. I don’t know any of this, but those with long experience seem to know the difference.

On November 7 this year, I went to the “Iki-iki Fish Market” at the Port of Kanazawa, bought some local crab from an acquaintance, and took it home to my parents. The Kanazawa snow crab business will be in full swing until March 20 (certain types of crabs will only be available until December 29), so until then, pile ’em high!