A friend from work said he wanted some really spicy food, so we decided to go to Mei Mei in Owari-cho. The marquee dish here is Peking Duck, but there are many choices in Sichuan-style. My spice-loving colleague ordered the “tan-tan” noodles (Sichuan hot chili style). I got the lunch-of-the-day, “yu-lin-chi” (spicy chicken). Then I recalled the chef at a nearby “izakaya” (gastro-pub) saying that the black “gyoza” (dumplings) here were especially good, so I ordered that, too. After I ordered I took another look at the menu and saw that black gyoza had garlic in it, but they also had white gyoza, without garlic, and gyoza soup, steamed gyoza, and fried gyoza. So I ordered the white and the soup. In China you never put garlic in gyoza. My colleague is from Yokohama, and he said the “tan-tan” noodles were even better than the ones he had in Yokohama Chinatown. So, if you want real Chinese-style Chinese food, Mei Mei looks like a good bet.







Mei Mei
Tel: 076-204-6032
Kanazawa-shi, Owari-cho, 1-9-16
Open for lunch: 11:30-14:30 (last order 14:00)
Open for dinner: 17:00-21:30 (last order 21:00)
Closed: Tuesdays and holidays

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A few days later, I went out for Chinese with a senior neighbor, this time to Minrai, a local, old-school restaurant serving Japanese-style Chinese food. The taste is simple but very delicious. My friend ordered fried rice; I ordered pork slices on rice. If you want real Chinese-style Chinese cuisine, go to Mei Mei; if you want Japanese-style Chinese cuisine, I recommend Minrai.

Minrai Wakamiya
Tel: 076-231-1775
Kanazawa-shi, Wakamiya 2-37
Open for lunch: 11:00-14:30 (last order 14:00)
Open for dinner: 18:00-22:00 (last order 21:00)
Lunch only on Saturdays
Closed: Sundays