A man in my neighborhood recently turned 80 years old and has been having a little trouble getting around. As a result he gave his driver license back to the local police station, and he’s stopped going out for lunch. Until a few years ago, we occasionally walked over to a nearby restaurant at noon, but I hadn’t seen him for a while. The other day I saw him again, and he immediately said, “Let’s get those good Ooyabu soba noodles.” So I took it upon myself to make sure he got them as soon as possible.

“Katsudon” Combo (deep-fried pork on rice) 950 yen

Soba noodles around here are usually served Kanto style, but once in a while you’ll see Kansai style. Today was Kansai day. Either way, the noodles are delicious, but I kind of like the Kanto style.

Ooyabu Soba
Map 大籔の地図
Tel: 076-263-8505
Kanazawa-shi, Futakuchimachi Ha 21
Open: 11:00-21:00
Closed: third Wednesday of the month