For young people in the 1980s — if you liked motorcycles, you surely knew the Yokohama Kentauros bikers club (Centaurs, from the ancient Greek myth); if you liked comic books, you surely knew Mikuriya Satomi and his brainy comic book adventures. If you liked both, then you surely knew Mikuriya’s masterpiece, “Legend of the Kentauros.”

The model for the hero of the “Legend of the Kentauros” is now running a pub restaurant, Sekitoba, in a residential area of Kanazawa along the River Sai. Even though I tell you this, you will probably not believe it….

Sekitoba’s location doesn’t get a lot of pedestrian traffic, but it never seems to run low on customers. Today it was full of families with kids, moms and dads, senior couples. Most seemed to be from the neighborhood, just digging in to their favorite foods. “Nabe” (stewpot) was popular, and so was the “sashimi” (raw fish). The chef works part-time at the fish market during the day and has learned well how to handle demanding customers. The parents and (I assume) their kids sitting beside me were sharing a big pot of “nabe” stew with “buri” (Pacific amberjack or yellowtail)​. At the table behind me, another family was having vegetables, tofu, and “fugu” (pufferfish). I had the “chawan-mushi” with “fugu” roe (and other treats in hot egg custard). The choice delicacies in the custard were truly scrumptious, so I just had to order a second one. Mmm.


Tel: 076-224-3650
Kanazawa-shi, Nakakawa Yokemachi 60 Signpost 1F
Open: Monday to Saturday 17:00-23:00 (last order at 22:30) Sunday 17:00-21:00 (last order)
Closed: Wednesday