The tonkatsu (deep-fried pork) is more delicious than at the tonkatsu shops around here. The sashimi is more delicious than at the sushi shops around here. The traditional Japanese-style cooking is more delicious than at the traditional Japanese-style restaurants around here. The Chinese food is more delicious than at the Chinese restaurants around here. – – Well, I may be overstating the case a little, but that’s how I feel about Izakaya Musashi.

I had intended to treat my senior neighbor to a meal at Musashi, but he ended up paying for everything, and I was extremely grateful. We got there early but were among the last customers out the door that night. We were there for more than four hours! As I recall, my drinking partner and I had two beers each and then poured something like four or more servings of sake for each other. I’m not exactly sure because Musashi has this slightly unusual serve-yourself sake dispenser. Plus, the evening’s talk and topics went on and on. Sometimes the chef and the server joined in. What an enjoyable evening!

Musashino homepage –> むさしのHPはこちら
Map –> むさしの地図
Tel: 076-261-7350
Kanazawa-shi, Owaricho 1-9-4
Open: 17:00-23:00 (last order)
Closed: Sundays and (in 2018) second Monday of the month (but open the second Monday in January, July, December)