There was to be a wine tasting party, and I was invited. The party organizer said a high school classmate friend of mine was the chef at the bistro, the Vin Verre in Sakuramachi. Wait — I’ve been there many times before!

I’ve been stopping in at Vin Verre from time to time for nearly 10 years, but I’ve never chatted up the chef or the server. The reason is easy. The clientele tends to be the neighborhood women, so it’s not like a man can just casually strike up a conversation.

My impression of the restaurant, I’d have to say, is “home-style”; maybe “amateur,” but in the best sense of the word. Maybe the word I’m looking for is “love.” The cooking here is all about love. Nothing is better than love. I feel love everywhere in this restaurant.

But, what is this…? The wine selection is way too big. It’s better not to have so many choices. I tried this and that but finally ended up drinking poor wines. Ahh, what a shame, after all that good food!

Vin Verre
Kanazawa-shi, Sakuramachi 15-41
Open: Tuesday to Friday, 11:30-14:00 (last order) and 18:00-21:30 (last order)
Open: Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, 11:30-14:30 (last order) and 18:00-21:30 (last order)
Closed: Mondays and one Tuesday a month (see homepage)