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Japan’s Coffee and Tea Shop @ Komeda Coffee

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I once read that the only rival Starbucks faced entering Japan was Komeda Coffee. And Komeda’s approach is obviously far different from that of Starbucks, so essentially, Starbucks had no real competitor in Japan. Starbucks is sophisticated and stylish; Komeda Coffee maintains the spirit of the old-fashioned neighborhood tea room. The waitresses are older part-timers・・・

Crab! @ Sekitoba

Restaurants Nakayasu Related Japanese cuisine

“A friend arrives from afar. There is no greater pleasure”  🦀🦀🦀 For customers coming from outside the prefecture, the only thing on the menu is the winter snow crab. Since the master of Sekitoba is also in charge of shopping at the fish market, the seafood is always fresh and inexpensive. This time of year,・・・

Japanese-style Chinese Food vs. Real Chinese Food @ Kanazawa

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A friend from work said he wanted some really spicy food, so we decided to go to Mei Mei in Owari-cho. The marquee dish here is Peking Duck, but there are many choices in Sichuan-style. My spice-loving colleague ordered the “tan-tan” noodles (Sichuan hot chili style). I got the lunch-of-the-day, “yu-lin-chi” (spicy chicken). Then I・・・