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Crab! @ Sekitoba

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“A friend arrives from afar. There is no greater pleasure”  🦀🦀🦀 For customers coming from outside the prefecture, the only thing on the menu is the winter snow crab. Since the master of Sekitoba is also in charge of shopping at the fish market, the seafood is always fresh and inexpensive. This time of year,・・・

Jihei – a Traditional Japanese Restaurant in the Higashiyama Chaya District

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The Higashiyama Chaya district is now the most attractive tourist destination in Kanazawa. Stylish cafes and restaurants have opened one after the other. Right in the middle of stylish Higashiyama Chaya is a Japanese restaurant from the old days that keeps the old Kanazawa traditions. “Jihei.” The old-style shops are where you find old-style customers,・・・