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Software Update Causes Trouble

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Japanese-style Chinese Food vs. Real Chinese Food @ Kanazawa

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A friend from work said he wanted some really spicy food, so we decided to go to Mei Mei in Owari-cho. The marquee dish here is Peking Duck, but there are many choices in Sichuan-style. My spice-loving colleague ordered the “tan-tan” noodles (Sichuan hot chili style). I got the lunch-of-the-day, “yu-lin-chi” (spicy chicken). Then I・・・

A Day of 46,000 Blessings at Kannon-in Temple

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A traditional summer expression in the Higashiyama area of Kanazawa City is “shiman-rokusen” (Japanese for 46,000). On one particular day a year, everyone visiting the Kannon-in Buddhist Temple (July 9 on the old lunar calendar) receives 46,000 days of blessings. On the new calendar this year, the Day of 46,000 Blessings was August 19. I・・・

This Tourist Town Also Values Its Local Customers

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The Kazue-machi area of Higashiyama has become a popular tourist destination, and it’s crowded on weekends. Canny Kanazawans have already noticed, and new cafes and guesthouse B&B’s have opened one after another. But even amid the latest money-making scramble, a few places go about their regular business, ignoring the first-time, last-time customers. It’s like the・・・