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カフェ「東山 矢の根川」

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金沢ひがし茶屋街にカフェがオープンしたというので行ってみた。カフェの名前は「東山 矢の根川」だそうだ。 ひがし茶屋街は金沢の一大観光スポットだが、一本裏手の道に入り込むと途端に人通りが少なくなる。矢の根川はそんな閑静な場所にある。自慢の珈琲は邸内の井戸水、矢の根川の伏流水から作られる。この珈琲がまた格別な味わいなのだ。コーヒーを飲む前と飲んだ後に井戸水を汲んで飲むといいだろう。 その井戸のすぐ横に今から五百年以上前の獅子(おしんどん)がかざられており、その下に自販機の水占いみくじがある。この300円のおみくじはカプセルに入っていて水に浸さないと文字が浮かび上がってこない仕組みになっている。すぐ隣の井戸水、矢の根川の水に浸すというわけだ。 邸内に設置されたショップでは、おししどんの箸置きやキ-ホルダー(九谷焼作家:あめつち作)、九谷焼作家の作品などが手ごろな価格で販売されている。 920-0831 石川県 金沢市 金沢市東山1丁目31-15 076-255-0086

Festival of Traditional Folk Songs in Kanazawa October 8

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The folk song festival, “Acoustic Jamboree,” will be held on Sunday, October 8 in the main hall of Hosenji temple in Kanazawa City. From 10:00 am to 18:00 pm. Admission: 1200 yen. With a ticket, you can come and go freely during the open hours. Food and drinks will be available for purchase. For one・・・

Ultimate Sardine Cuisine Competition

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It’s long been known that the sardine cuisine at Iwashigumi in Kanazawa is delicious, but how delicious is it actually? Is it just obvious that any sardine specialty restaurant can prepare delicious sardine dishes? Some people think so, but I recently had the chance to visit a famous sardine restaurant in Tokyo. I met one・・・

Superb Hida Beef Is Reasonably Priced at Maruaki in Hida Takayama

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Hida is a well-known brand of beef in Japan. Most people think brand name beef is expensive, but that isn’t always true, at least not for Hida beef. The Maruaki butcher shop in Takayama also operates the superb “yakiniku” (barbecue) restaurant next door. What’s more, it’s reasonably priced. It’s about the same price as the・・・

<Special Recommendation> Finding a Good Restaurant While Traveling

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Gourmet websites want to help you find good restaurants while you’re on the road, but websites are also profit-making businesses, so you need to be aware. Restaurants may be paying a fee to gourmet websites to promote services and attract attention. Such mutually beneficial relationships have the potential not only to help users but also・・・

Kirishima Azaleas

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The Noto peninsula is said to have the most Kirishima Azaleas in Japan. In the spring, just as the rice fields fill with water, the blooms of the crimson azaleas dominate the scene. Apparently, the people here are way more likely to grow azaleas around their houses than people in any other area. That was・・・