Cantonese Foods at Ohmicho-Market

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Tantanmen noodles, the noodles covered with a sauce of sesame paste and chili oil. This is one of the popular menu at Sentou. Their Cantonese style congee. You can not have this authentic congee at any other restaurants in Kanazawa.     SENTO Homepage is here! Map of SENTOU 050-5890-2195 (Reservation) 076-234-0669 (Information) 88 Aokusa-cho Kanazawa-city・・・

Extra Large! Restaurant Nakamuraya

Restaurants Nakayasu Related

Here’s the legendary extra-large serving at Nakamuraya Grill. Easily three times the usual. Mixed donburi 650 yen (100 yen more for extra large)   That’s the 600 yen curry donburi in front.    Start your own legend!   Map of Nakamuraya 076-221-3512 4-20 Kakinokibata Kanazawa-city Open 11:30~15:00 、17:00~21:00 Close/Tue.