I usually stop at a cafe while I’m out on my early morning walks. I really try to choose cafes managed by local owners, but unfortunately there aren’t that many real Japanese tea and coffee shops left any more. That’s why I end up going to shops run by the big chains. Be that as it may, the employees at Starbucks are always cheerful and friendly. In addition, someone usually talks to me a little.
“It’s warming up, isn’t it?”
“Were you out jogging?”
I guess friendly customer service is still alive in America.

Starbucks in Korinbo Tokyu Square

月~木: 07:00~22:00
金土: 07:00~23:00
日祝: 07:00~22:00
定休日 不定休
920-0961 石川県 金沢市 香林坊2-1-1 香林坊東急スクエア