Cold soba noodles at Kura are delicious. I especially like the “oroshi” (grated radish) soba. My way of eating soba noodles is to first sample the full flavor of the soba all by itself. Next, I pour a little bit of the “tsuyu” (broth) on the “oroshi,” dip the soba in, and have another bite. Then, I put in the condiments one by one – first the onion, then the wasabi, tasting a little of each. Finally, I scoop up the noodles, dip them in the broth, and taste the whole combination. This way, I can enjoy a simple serving of soba in many different ways. That’s my own unique way of enjoying a bowl of soba. To finish up, of course, I have the soba-infused broth left in the bowl. Kura’s soba broth is thick and rich, and I’m always glad to fill my stomach.

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Tel: 076-221-0659
2-10 Shimoshincho, Kanazawa
Open: 11:00 ~ 20:00
Closed: Tuesdays