An older neighbor sometimes says to me, “How about lunch?” Today was the day, so off we went to Daikokuya, Kanazawa’s famous udon restaurant. My friend ordered the soft and fat udon noodles with boiled up delicacies; I ordered the seafood tempura with soba noodles. At heart this is an udon restaurant, so I can’t say the soba’s great, but this place has a certain something in its dashi (soup stock) that makes up for everything else. The “kakiage” (vegetable and seafood tempura) was freshly fried, too, so as usual, no complaints from me.

                                                                                                  Kakiage soba 830 yen

*** The Daikokuya homepage has a detailed discussion of the various ingredients in the restaurant’s dashi. It’s definitely worth a look, but it’s all in Japanese.

Kanazawa, Nagadohe 2-18-23
11:00-14:45 and 16:30-20:15
Closed Sundays and holidays